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           Max 04/28/2011 - 04/26/2023

04/28/2011 - 04/26/2023
11 years, 11 months, 30 days / 4,382 days.

  Max's Garden

I am creating this page with a heavy heart and mostly from suggestions ~ it is an endless heart rending with Max's absense slowly moving by. Before the gift of sharing too short of this snapshot of eternity with Max, I have always found ways to sabotage all other emotional soul-ties and true spirit connections beyond surface appearances. Here is a trivia question -
What was the hit song by Patti Pa
ge around my birthday in March 1953?
Of the several songs  -  Max is a strong hint.

We each have faced sad events in our lives, we each feel with a depth that is difficult to explain to others, we each somehow find a way to keep going forward in time,
and we each pretend - - -   "we are ok".
Yet we often find ways to prevent healing of our soul, we blame God, we blame ourselves, we try to find a way to blame events, we would do nearly anything for a time machine, "if only we could go back to time 00:00 00/00/00 - if only, if only".
And we let it gnaw away at our thoughts, our time, we can even allow these feelings to paralyze our being positive and giving Honor to the great Memories and gift of the time we had
I am grateful for this one time, I felt the urge to not go out - I had planned to get fresh salmon that morning, Max's favorite competing with baked chicken.

He would have perished frightened, and - - alone

Many have requested how to donate to support Max's Garden to Honor Max's Memory, and for that I am grateful.
(Links will be below)
Max (I believe) and I would truly prefer that for each thought you reach out to someone and let them know you care while able.

After consulting with others we will not be using the other "donation style" organizations as they tend to "double-dip" and many other reasons that have made them more of a "profit from sadness" (all I will say about that).
And most important is full disclosure - there is no way this can be any form of a legal tax deductable outreach.

These are options linked here, Max's Amazon wishlist and a Pay link.

Amazon Link (unpopulated as yet)

My direct Pay Link
(I use this for all of my work, consulting, and internet domains, displayed as
There is no goal, or amount thought of, we each have financial responsibilities that are first.
And here is a QR code for phone preference.
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I have been slowly working towards determining -
the best live stream webcam set-up for Max's Garden.

Terrible at gardening, Raked, put down enriched soil, planted seeds (some are sprouting)
 and planted ready to plant starter flower packs. Time will be the judge of that.

I am continuing a garden with Hummingbird flowers for Max to watch from the window.
Clueless it would become "Max's Garden" in His memory.
It will have a live youtube stream when I can get a Cam, and set up - etc.
~ Not asking ~
Yet many have desired to support "Max's Garden" 

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